Artcore *41

So my reading pile extends on a weekly basis and I can find it hard to keep up but I always make sure to get to Artcore. Even if it’s the best part of the year. This is a hardcore punk history lesson in band interviews and vaultage writings. It is also a reminder that is middle aged men (and unfortunately it generally is men) have poor eyesight as Welly messes with us making it difficult to read the action packed pages. There’s too many damn words on some of these leafs!!

Of course Welly’s reviews are honest as he uses the pages to pour his scorn and at times contempt for some bands while pushing those he wants to push. 

There’s interviews with Naked Raygun, The Lungs, Mau Maus, Zero Again, Attitude Adjustment and so many more. It is a mine of information. as my reading pile extends even greater I find myself reaching for this zine again trying to absorb the info on offer.

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