Rebellion Day 2

This year has a different feel to it so far in Blackpool. The city has plenty of boarded up shops so it does feel like the perfect place for a festival

Not just steeped in nostalgia but with roots of something else breaking through. Splinters of noise bursting through the floorboards. 

I start day 2 in contemplative mode and wonder if I will even be by the seaside by the end of the day. 

I wanted to get in to the winter gardens to see the Lee Harvey’s opening up proceedings. Great to see them back here again as Dublins troubadors hit the stage once more. 

And then the call came. My festival cut short but still enough time to revel in the wonder that is the punk rock community. Rebellion is the family reunion and like all extended families there are some members you are closer to than other. They are the people I’ve been drawn to these past couple of days. People who mean a lot, people who have great intentions. I would have liked in other circumstances to see them for longer but was happy I had the time to re-connect. Roll on next year when hopefully more of the young punks will have taken over.


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