It’s own time
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Myself and Patrick Barrett have a lot in common. Without really knowing each other, I feel like I’ve know him for years. His music is an out pouring of emotion and is an emotion I am ready to embrace. His current music is borne from grief and love. They are odes to people who have passed or were close to passing.

I lost my Dad 5 years ago. It struck me so hard. I wailed at times, inconsolable. The sadness stemmed from memories mainly, days gone by but beautiful days. I lost my brother just over 2 months ago. Last summer he was sentenced no more than a year to live after getting cancer treatment. His life became a countdown as he stayed at home waiting. It was painful but we couldn’t run. My mam lived at home with him and had a similar diagnosis but with a shorter expected timeframe. It was harrowing, excruciatingly sad and yet beautiful. We immersed ourselves into their lives and slept a little – loved a lot. Music kept me sane as it was a life on hold. When I needed something loud I put on Iron Chic “You can’t stay here” I would sing along to. When I was reflective I reached for my friend Patrick. He knew the score. “Last of the written pages” came out in 2019 as he was facing that life sentence for his parents. Time caught up with them and now we have the beauty of its own time. I have already written about his beautiful celebration of this record last year in Smock Alley Theatre.

Of course when we are faced with adversity true friends and love shines through. Pat had this and sings about it. I am lucky to have had it and think of my own rock through this time. A person who had to hold everything else together while she watched someone she loved watch someone they love gently pass away. Except it wasn’t so gentle.

My tears are flowing, my throat has a lump in it that makes it difficult to breathe but like an addict I need this music. It is achingly gorgeous and will heal. Dive in and take the medicine, Patrick has laboured through grief and loved to provide this vaccine for you.


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