Get on your bikes and nab this

While their future was unwritten at the time Chester and Barrett have created many glorious moments since getting off that bike but now the band have been able to get their recorded output and have it ready for the new way of listening. Available now to stream you can find it in all its glory on the usual mind numbing streaming services.

Play of the day has arrived

My tears are flowing, my throat has a lump in it that makes it difficult to breathe but like an addict I need this music. It is achingly gorgeous and will heal. Dive in and take the medicine, Patrick has laboured through grief and loved to provide this vaccine for you.

The beauty of songs

Tonight Patrick Barrett bared his soul in a way not sung about by Rites of Spring. He played his last album in full, a record written during lockdown and a period of looking after his elderly parents. A time of beauty, strange beauty at that. And I looked on and relate to much of what he sings about