Another week closer to familiarity

At some stage this will be a reflection on the journey of the past 7 days without some paranoid thoughts about a virus I knew nothing of 2 years ago. At some stage. But for now it’s existence is at the forefront of most peoples minds as we tiptoe back into what was the familiarity … Continue reading Another week closer to familiarity

Another week in Covid times

No going back was their theme as we look to build a better world that is now emerging. Motions were discussed that will become the policy of the trade union movement over the next 2 years, it is an opportunity for us to look at his way have evolved and really question what is the best direction?

A week in covid times

Mick Jones was the singer as covid restrictions sang “Should I Stay or Should I go”. They were off, they were on and then bits of them were off again. All very strange in our ongoing battle of lifestyle and pandemic illness. 

This weeks gigs October 18-24

While many of us have an eye on what is in store when the Government make their announcements on Friday Oct 22 with regard future restrictions, venue owners have to plan for the future. Is it one of vaccination passports and test as they try and open up their sector. DIY gigs are being hit hard as gatherings of people are being discouraged. We will keep dreaming. In the meantime here’s a list of conformed gigs for this week. Well, confirmed for now

Play of the day it’s not just mush it’s a classic

What a game changer this album was. It took the punk rock bits many of us had grown up with, for some we had discovered us hardcore and the tunes that were going with that. We felt that music was changing trajectory, it didn't have to continue to be confrontational, it could be conversational. Leatherface were the band that made the next leap.

Manchester Punk Festival April 2022 Dare We Dream

As the world is starting to dream again the announcement that the Manchester Punk festival will be back next year is exciting news. High point for me is that Jeff Rosenstock is playing as we will all be rushing, hoping we can get in to see him.