Gab Fest – a new Hope Show Spin off

A slightly different Hope Show this week. We are going with a spin off - called Gab Fest for now. The idea is to chat to people about gigs or bands that meant something to them. Of course where would I turn to first but to Michael Murphy to talk about his early introduction to … Continue reading Gab Fest – a new Hope Show Spin off

Play of the day – Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe & Emma Ruth Rundle Anhedonia Chelsea Wolfe has shared new video for her latest single, “Anhedonia” which features vocals and guitar by labelmate Emma Ruth Rundle. Wolfe joined efforts with stop motion editor and video producer Cressa Beer for a moving creation that reflects grief and loneliness, yet brings hope that with time and support, healing is … Continue reading Play of the day – Chelsea Wolfe

Book of the Week – The People’s games

The idea of this book is such a good one. Take people and tell their excellent stories of selflessness and support for others. Speak of the hours they put in to improve a community and show the positivity that follows in their trails.

Book of the Week – The burning case for a Green New Deal

Like Roosevelt after world war 2 saw a new deal for Americans some global thinkers think it’s time for a new way of thinking. This time we have a planet to save, not rebuild.