Book of the week – we are the clash

Charting the final era of the clash and the politics of the day, the re-election of Thatcher and Reagan and subsequent hounding of the left. Interesting that they were on the rise as the clash was in the demise.

Book Of the Week – Revolutionary Threads

Revolutionary ThreadsRastafarian, Social Justice, And Cooperative economicsBobby SullivanAkashi Press “The question really is How can we work effectively together when we have so much pulling us apart” Sullivan is working for a world “that must not continue to systematically demean, exploit and subjugate its people and their natural resources.” He has been working for this … Continue reading Book Of the Week – Revolutionary Threads

Book of the Week – Office Girl

Office GirlJoe MenoAkashic Books This is a love story with a difference. Two individually unassuming people with lives heading down blind alleys. Their paths cross one day and keep crossing. As a reader you want to jump in and say what you think their next steps should be. These steps don’t necessarily happen. As a … Continue reading Book of the Week – Office Girl