Revolutionary Threads
Rastafarian, Social Justice, And Cooperative economics
Bobby Sullivan
Akashi Press

“The question really is How can we work effectively together when we have so much pulling us apart”

Sullivan is working for a world “that must not continue to systematically demean, exploit and subjugate its people and their natural resources.” He has been working for this world since before being singer in Washington DC punk band, Soulside. He has a life of activism before him and this book is trying to explain and intertwine 3 strands of this activism. Social Justice the cooperative movement and rastafari.

Working with the international cooperative alliance Sullivan has been trying to link in with worldwide coops to assist in the work of his own in DC. The International Cooperative Alliance has 305 members from over 100 countries. The model of coops is similar to the motto of the trade union movement for the many and not the few, where the producers get the spoils from their production.

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