This weeks Gigs – Aug 12 – 18

It's quality over quantity this week as the singer songwriting skills of Goodtime John and Brian Mooney are on display on Monday.  It gets heavier from there with Killing Joke and Radical Dance Faction hitting the Academy on Wednesday.  DIY Hardcore has the flag raised on Saturday with the third All Ireland Hardcore festival taking … Continue reading This weeks Gigs – Aug 12 – 18

This Weeks Gigs: Aug 6 -12

This Weeks gigs Aug 6 -12 Enthusiastic Eunoch continue with the eclectic and alluring promtions with Oren Ambarchi playing in the Sound House this week with Declan Synott opening proceedings. Ambarchi has worked with artists like Sunn O)) and John Zorn and has records out on a diverse range of record labels such Drag … Continue reading This Weeks Gigs: Aug 6 -12

This Weeks Gigs – Jan 29 – Feb 4

This weeks gigs - Jan 29 We are getting busy again. 2 weeks in a row of good weekend gigs. Last Saturdays decision of Frank Carter or Control seems like easy pickings when thinking about your options this week. Regardless of anything if you haven't seen Wonk Unit yet and are aroud Dublin next Saturday … Continue reading This Weeks Gigs – Jan 29 – Feb 4