Fanzine Of The Week – Eaten Alive

I picked up 2 copies of this at Rebellion It is a hark back to the cut and paste zines from the 80's with staples down the side, the interviews are pretty sparse but he can only print what the band reply I suppose Issue 34 has interviews with Anti-Establishment,Angelic Upstarts,RED ALERT and East Town Pirates! Issue … Continue reading Fanzine Of The Week – Eaten Alive

Fanzine of the Week – Blackpool Rox2

Fanzine of the Week Blackpool Rox2 Issue 11 Another special brought out for Rebellion and has good interviews with Cock Sparrer, Simon Wells, Ted Dibiase Million Dollar Punk Band, Colleen Caffeine and local Blackpool acts Poly-Esters and Du Pig/  ALongside that there's extensive reviews from Steve Scanner and bits on being a woman in Saudi … Continue reading Fanzine of the Week – Blackpool Rox2

Zine of the week – riot 77

Riot 77 fanzine po box 11342 dublin 2 [email protected] I love reading Riot 77.  Cian does a really great job with his interviews. They are always good conversations with insightful questions. I'm sure he spends a lot of time researching the interviewees. in this issue we get to read about original Northern Irish punks, the … Continue reading Zine of the week – riot 77

Zine of the Week – Parish Punk

The Parish Punk freesheet [email protected] It's great to see the parish punk coming out with some regularity. This is issue 4 and clodagh's writing style shines through. It's like she's sitting in her kitchen in rural ireland having a chat with each and every reader. And so we read about the sort of things … Continue reading Zine of the Week – Parish Punk

Blackpool Rox II – Issue 10

Blackpool Rox II Issue 10 The original Blackpool Rox was a mix of the bizarre, wild and infectious. Each page was lieterally crammed with in formation and art, you would need to viedw the page in all directions just to take it all in.  Like a good painting you could find something new every time … Continue reading Blackpool Rox II – Issue 10

Bald Cactus zine *31

Bald Cactus *31 2 issues ahead of Lights go out in numerical terms and on the go sine 1988. I remember writing to Andy as he started the zine back then. I always waited with baited breath to read about Hunt Saboteurs trips or to read about some uk hardcore band and what they had … Continue reading Bald Cactus zine *31

Lights Go Out / Gadgie Split zine

Lights Go Out / Gadgie Split zine Split zines are not a new phenomena but in its 28 previous issues Lights Go Out had alwqays been on its own. That changed for the 29th episode and Gadgie was the partner of choice. Not only would both editors settle for a split effort they would theme … Continue reading Lights Go Out / Gadgie Split zine

Positive Creed *23

These keep coming thick and fast. For anyone to do more than 2 zines in 12 calendar months is a huge achievement. Positive creed is regular as you can be when you are doing it all yourself. Basic enough Interviews with the vibrators, cockney rejects and Chokin' Susan are supplemented by more wordy efforts from … Continue reading Positive Creed *23

Wanna buy a zine?

That was an eventful week. It's hard as a father of three kids to dive headfirst into the world of DIY punk rock as the kids still need to go school, football training and do all those things kids do. Harder still when DIY becomes the theme for much needed home improvements. Harder still when … Continue reading Wanna buy a zine?