Lights Go Out / Gadgie Split zine


Split zines are not a new phenomena but in its 28 previous issues Lights Go Out had alwqays been on its own. That changed for the 29th episode and Gadgie was the partner of choice. Not only would both editors settle for a split effort they would theme it. The topic of choice? “Star Wars”. And that’s where I fall down. I have seen all those Star Wars movies (I have three kids and they like watching films) but I have to admit they mean little to me. The novelty opf a theme will work well if you like the topic, however if you are like me the questions about Darth Vadar and Jabah the hut leave me cold.

On the lights go out side we get interviews with Officer Down, idle class, nerfherder, fistikuffs, angry lennox, guerilla monsoon and fights and fires. We also get to read some columns and a bizarre piece on punk wars which Jello Biafra just about beats Debbie Harry to. If I had an inclination towards Star Wars I’d love it, as things stand I want to find out more about the bands and that means Mr T has done his job as editor.

The Gadgie side is harder for me. A story of his growing obsession into the Lucas film is fine and dandy but I want the music and the politics. Thanksfully we have a few pages music related. Marv Gadgie gives some insight into recent releaseres (also known as reviews). stg£1 for 36 A5 pages

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