Pilgrims are causing trouble once more

The first single from the highly anticipated new album from Trouble Pilgrims is out today. 21st Century Girl investigates the changing and modern attitude of total respect for women by men and the acceptance of interchangeable roles within any relationship. Kudos to the band for speaking out in such a way considering the ground breaking path the Radiators From Space laid for many in 1977

Remember those Guilty Optics

Guilty optics Colossal velocity Waffles records Taking what is good with later era  discord and post hardcore sounds Guilty optics released their debut album earlier this year (as in 2017). It is their third recorded output following appearances on a couple of 7”s. Different riffs merge their way into songs to create a package that … Continue reading Remember those Guilty Optics

GRIT interview

Dublin Oi Punk DIY band Grit have been doing the rounds for over a year now.  Their fast snappy tunes almost coming across like an Oi X Ray Spex at times have seen the light of day on vinyl a couple of times on Distro-y-records.  They are a feature of the DIY scene throughout Ireland … Continue reading GRIT interview

This Weeks News Jan 15

In what seems like his annual trip to this country but in reality it has been 4, Henry Rollins is returning to vicar street this week. Rollins has forged his own distinct career path, with the intensity of his punk rock roots with Black Flag and Rollins Band matched by the uncompromising attitude that has … Continue reading This Weeks News Jan 15