Banter – Feb 21

On Tuesday February 21, myself, Michael and a number of those who’ve contributed to the book - plus some surprise guests - will join Jim Carroll at Banter to talk about the book, the notion of favourite gigs and read their selections as well. Audience contributions welcome too. Guests speaking include.... Ellie & Louise McNamara … Continue reading Banter – Feb 21

Cornershop, Wheel, Jam Jar Jail – Dublin 1993

Feb 28 1993 Cornershop, Wheel, Jam Jar Jail Fibber Magees (Anarchy Night Cafe) Technically this isn't a Hope gig but we arranged the accommodation and made the provision for Cornershop to play in the Anarchy Night Café. The band was looking to play Dublin on that date which was a Thursday. Rather than clashing with … Continue reading Cornershop, Wheel, Jam Jar Jail – Dublin 1993

Pitchshifter – Dublin 1991

Oct 31 1991 Pitchshifter, Golden Horde NCAD Oct 31 1991 Pitch Shifter, Jam Jar Jail, Dust Revolution - Fox + Pheasant Pitchshifter from Nottingham asked through their friend Stuart if they could come over . It was Hallowe'en and we managed to get them a gig at the NCAD hallowe'en ball as well as one in … Continue reading Pitchshifter – Dublin 1991

Econochrist tour 1991

Jul 13 1991 Econochrist, World Of Drums, Jam Jar Jail - Charlie's Jul 15 1991 Econochrist, The Grown Ups, Ciunas - Fox + Pheasant I had a bedsit that I gave over to bands when they were visiting. The neighbours never complained but I'm sure they wondered. I was away for the Econochrist tour.  There … Continue reading Econochrist tour 1991

React Benefits – Dublin 1991

May 23 1991 Ogre, Shred, Stone Pony, Tension - Fox + Pheasant May 30 1991 Grown Ups, Onion Breath, Jam Jar Jail, Pet Lamb - Fox + Pheasant React was 7 issues old and had grown to 2000 copies per month. It was now being printed by Atko-print, Miriam's cousin. He had his own printing … Continue reading React Benefits – Dublin 1991