Play of the day nofx aren’t playing punk rock singles

Safe to say that after 14 records NOFX don't need any new fans or friends. This may not gather any but if it was your introduction to the band it would be a good starting point which is one of the best compliments you could play to band that just keeps on giving.

Well, did I do it?

It was during my Christmas break in 2015 that I set myself a challenge - Read 52 Books in a year.  1 a week - should be easy? It all started with Steven Gerrard - a christmas present The road to wigan pier followed closely.  George Orwells tale of how we can show a brighter future … Continue reading Well, did I do it?

NOFX, GO, Decline – Dublin 1991

Jun 1 1991 NOFX, GO, Decline Charlie's Again a case of two tours happening simultaneously and of us not wanting to say no. GO! from New York were an outspoken hardcore band that tackled many issues including homosexuality and discrimination. They wanted to come over with Decline form England. NOFX on the other hand wanted … Continue reading NOFX, GO, Decline – Dublin 1991

Rebellion 2014 Day 4

Rebellion 2014 day 4 It's always good to talk and listen so Ian glasper told us his story around his punk books. Great to hear the tales behind the book and its reason for existence joey shithead is with terry chimes and Patrik Fitzgerald so missed his interview but I got to see 16 guns … Continue reading Rebellion 2014 Day 4