Play of the day – the man is (not) Ignorant

The sound here is as good as any recording I’ve heard Steve play on. The feeling bleeds through the speakers. It’s not something that would win a song contest and I’m sure Steve is fine with that. It’s him stripped bare and raw.

Play of the day – Satan’s Rats

With a name like Satan’s Rats you may be expecting some d-beat offering with vocals gruffly exploding through your speaker. This is not the case here as they are power pop gems from a fresh era.

Slice Of Life – Love and a Lampost

Slice of Life Love and a Lampost Overground Records Steve Ignorant finally gets to sing, under the studio microscope. I've listened to him in various formats over the years, Crass and Schwarzennegar being the main two. Steve's vocals have always been covered by the racous noise of Crass or the electric sound of Schwarzennegar. It … Continue reading Slice Of Life – Love and a Lampost