Hope Show 132 – the Lowdown

This weeks Hope is now available here Hope Show the Playlist Pizzatramp - CCTVCrutches - LiarsJailcell Recipes - Arm TwisterRebecca Radical - Punk IdeologyDream Nails - DIYAmerican Waste - Tight NightYoung June - Today Is The DayEzra Furman - I'm Coming CleanSally Timms - Sweetheart WaltzRotten Foxes - DehumanisedThrowing Stuff - How Do You Sleep … Continue reading Hope Show 132 – the Lowdown

Rebellion 2018 – Day 3

Rebellion 2018 - day 3 So it’s just past noon and the first band of the day are murderburgers. The room is packed, we are all ready for the Scottish pop punk sound. Short snappy songs and a great start to the third day. The Gakk from Dundalk opened up the pavillion stage. Rebellion is … Continue reading Rebellion 2018 – Day 3

Rebellion 2017 – Day 4

And so it drifts to a close, we may want it to go for ever but most bodies can't take the pace. There is a world out there to return to, families and friends to be cherished and minds to change. Again Rebellion has been a cracker, my years of animosity towards this festival were … Continue reading Rebellion 2017 – Day 4