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Hope Show the Playlist

  1. Pizzatramp – CCTV
  2. Crutches – Liars
  3. Jailcell Recipes – Arm Twister
  4. Rebecca Radical – Punk Ideology
  5. Dream Nails – DIY
  6. American Waste – Tight Night
  7. Young June – Today Is The Day
  8. Ezra Furman – I’m Coming Clean
  9. Sally Timms – Sweetheart Waltz
  10. Rotten Foxes – Dehumanised
  11. Throwing Stuff – How Do You Sleep At Night
  12. The Babes – Song of Finola
  13. The Yawpers – American Man
  14. Powersnap – The Moon Was Gone
  15. Bedford Falls – Anodyne
  16. Urgency – Hard As Nails
  17. Dogma – A New World
  18. Pissed Jeans – Cold Whip Cream
  19. Wrong Life – Death to the encore
  20. Filled Fangs – Calcify

Hope Show 132 – the lowdown

An eclectic mix tonight from the screams of Pissed Jeans to the country sound of the Yawpers and Sally Timms, through to the DIY spirit of Dream Nails, Dogma and Throwing Stuff. With brand new tracks from Filled Fangs and Wrong Life and old memories from Jailcell Recipes, Bedford Falls and Ezra Furman tonight is a show for all ages. And I didn’t even mention Urgency, Powersnap, Young June, American Waste, Pizzatramp, The Babes, Crutches and Rotten Foxes. Along with the punk folk of Rebecca Radical

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