Rebellion top 5’s pt 3

Top 5 ways to improve Rebellion I loved the festival this year, although I'm a recent enough convert over the past 5 years this was my favourite one so far. Lots of good diverse bands and with so much to do. I love that it's on in Blackpool as the tatty slightly decaying seaside town … Continue reading Rebellion top 5’s pt 3

Rebellion top 5’s pt 2

Top 5 t-shirts We did a very scientific search on t-shirts on display - looked at them all and tried to remember which were most popular band by their merch.  And in no particular order we have.... Resistance 77 - wierd that they fell the need to explain their patriotism but even wierder that england … Continue reading Rebellion top 5’s pt 2

Rebellion top 5’s pt 1

Top 5 moments from Rebellion 2012 The anti-fascist sing songs from Los Fastidios, the Filaments and Hard Skin - whilst it may have been less prevalent than in recent years there is still a small number of people who believe themselves to be superior due to the colour of their skin. This year there was … Continue reading Rebellion top 5’s pt 1

Moscow / Dublin / London

Today three items are worth considering, and different as they may appear, they all fall under the category of popular music and the government. Moscow When John Lydon articulated his support in Blackpool on Sunday for three women on trial in Russia he probably didn’t suspect that his sentiments would be echoed by Madonna. He … Continue reading Moscow / Dublin / London

Blackpool Rebellion Day 1

Today it was back to Blackpool for the annual check-up on the medical condition of the venerable old institution that is punk. Punk nostalgia could not have found a more perfect temporary home than 'the Paris of the North West'. There amongst the Ghost Trains, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, the sticks of rock, the … Continue reading Blackpool Rebellion Day 1

Blackpool Rebellion 2012 Day 2

Day 2 Create. Community. One of the most interesting things about punk is its invitation to create. Sure, like any other popular music genre, it is associated with tonnes of consumption: how many Ramones t-shirts have sprung from cotton plants around the world? How many bottles of dye have been sold to embellish punk heads? … Continue reading Blackpool Rebellion 2012 Day 2

Day 3 of Rebellion provides lots of topics for further discussion.

40 Shades of Green, 50 Shades of Grey. The Q and A session with Viv Albertine and John Robb illustrates why the personal stories and histories have to be recorded. Sometimes we assume that good bands get heard just because they stand out or have something special about then. Yet the real story is how … Continue reading Day 3 of Rebellion provides lots of topics for further discussion.

Blackpool Day 4

Altered Images had a really enjoyable and buoyant brand of pop music when they emerged from Scotland. They cancelled a scheduled appearance in Dublin at some ball or other in Trinity at the height of their appeal. Thankfully for us pop fans Teardrop Explodes who played in McGonagles that week were persuaded to stay a … Continue reading Blackpool Day 4

It’s not a rebellion but it is rebellion

Where do I start with rebellion?  If its new to you check out it's an annual gathering of the punks to blackpool. Blackpool is such an apt location for it as its a city stuck in the 70s with bits of modernisation but very much old school. Rebellion has over 200 bands playing during its 4 … Continue reading It’s not a rebellion but it is rebellion

Still rebellion – day 2

After the late end to last night rejoicing the wonder of the buzzcocks I had to pace myself a bit better today. I also had to get to Bloomfield road to score my ticket for evertons trip to Blackpool on Sunday. I got back in time to see John robb talking to Tom hingley. Tom … Continue reading Still rebellion – day 2