Top 5 ways to improve Rebellion

I loved the festival this year, although I’m a recent enough convert over the past 5 years this was my favourite one so far. Lots of good diverse bands and with so much to do. I love that it’s on in Blackpool as the tatty slightly decaying seaside town is such a perfect home for the punks. As with everything there is room for improvement, here’s my suggestions

Liase with Blackpool Tourist Agency – it’s not enough for the Blackpool Gazette to welcome the punks in their editorial more of the local restaurants and businesses need to recognise the value of attracting 6,000 people into theire shops over the weekend. I noticed one cafe doing a 15% discount for attendees, some more of that would be very welcome.

More VEGGIE Food – It is obvious by the empty fridge section in the nearby Holland and barrett and the sparse salad shelves in M&S that a punk rocker likes thier vegetarian food. unfortunately we’re not all vegan but there is a large contingent of us that are. In the Winter Gardens itself the catering on display isn’t great for the veggies but it is all in house. The nearby chippers (of which there are many) have greasy fare of fish and chips and battered sausages, many of us don’t want this type of grub. If some influence could be put on winter gardens to have a better selection for us animal rights championers that would be a winner

Records – It’s an independent music festival celebrating punk rock and its alternative culture. There are many stalls selling items from punk rock key rings to coasters and clothes and some records. Bands get a look in when they are on stage and set up pop up stalls along the way. How good would it be to have stalls dedicated to up and coming punk and indie labels. Labels like Boss Tuneage  who do a great job publicizing the old and the new. It’s not all about Captain Oi!!

Fanzines – It’s not just where have all the bootboys gone you know? What happened to all the zines. I know they are a bit sparse but no way have they all vanished. Are people allowed sell zines at it? How great would it be to have a stall with zines, it could lead to a resurgence in this way of documenting our scene

Books – it is great to hear the interviews John Robb does on the literary stage, fabulous insight into the history and hopefully will be recorded some day. Why is it only books from people speaking at these go on sale? Let’s push our counter culture, let rebrellion be the stage for those putting out their own books, their own records, their own zines. Let it be a voice for creativity.


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