Punks Listen

The new book is a collection of pieces of writing from musicians, writers, actors and music fans. They were asked to write about a record (or a gig) that was significant to them and includes over 290 contributions

Book of the Week – The Dead Republic

This book speaks of a time when communists were taking over Hungary and China, when places called Israel and Republic of Ireland were only beginning. It’s an historic tale of how Henry Smart helped shape events. Or not as the case more likely was

Roy Keane – The Second Half

roy keane The Second Half with Roddy Doyle This is NOT an autobiography, don't confuse it with one. It's not a Roddy Doyle book, don't confuse it with one. It is a series of anecdotes told by Roy Keane to Roddy Doyle about his life that he didn't really get to put into his first … Continue reading Roy Keane – The Second Half