Never mind the buffet
The pukes
Hoo Ha records

The Pukes started as a punk rock ukelele collective. Their early gigs were raucous affairs with as many people on the stage as in the audience at times. They were the epitome of diy.

Whether by accident or design the number of people on stage has dwindled as songs move from bizarre cover versions to more original numbers. You still get the punk covers at live shows but this is a collection of self penned 3 chord uke punk.

The novelty has worn away as the band veer into the punk song sphere of so many of their contemporaries. The lyrics are statements of intent which is heartening to see. It’s a harder world for them and I applaud the fact they are looking to push their own creativity rather than being the uke Kennedy’s or uke sparrer. I would like some breaks into a more familiar and comfortable world but If a band like the pukes can encourage people to get up and be in bands and play any three chords on any instrument of their choosing then that’s good.


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