Play of the day nofx aren’t playing punk rock singles

Safe to say that after 14 records NOFX don't need any new fans or friends. This may not gather any but if it was your introduction to the band it would be a good starting point which is one of the best compliments you could play to band that just keeps on giving.

Play of the day – Soulglo Wow, all I can say after listening to this relentless attack on your senses is Wow. Full on raging, screaming, hip hop, punk rock hardcore mix. There's a lazy bad brains reference but this is way past DCs finest. It's an expression of rage. Incredible

My Favourite Gig – Vic Bondi

This is the seventh in a series all taken from the Fanzine Hope *.2. The fanzine sees a collection of 70 contributors from the punk rock world.  All asked the same question What is Your Favourite Gig. The zine is €5 including postage to anywhere  It is a benefit for Pikpa Refugee Centre, Lesvos   Pay by … Continue reading My Favourite Gig – Vic Bondi