One of the highlights of working with the band the Pleasure Cell occurred when Mike Scott from the Waterboys came to the Underground and joined the band onstage.

It was an act of incredible generosity on his part. Here was a little Dublin band doing their thing in the swampy, sweaty basement on Dame Street that was the Underground. Scott was loved and revered by many Irish music fans. The Whole of the Moon is still a song I enjoy immensely, and at that time it was fresh from the pop charts.

Anyhow up jumped Mike Scott and brought a surge of excitement and a burst of electricity to the Pleasure Cell that night. Anyone who saw and enjoyed the band will know they were pretty powerful in their own right. With the addition of Scott as they played his song Be My Enemy, they were even more wonderful.

That was then; this is now.

This morning on the Mike Scott and the Waterboys web site I discovered this little gem of a song. It is sure to anger and irritate lots of people; yet it reopens the debate about why alcohol companies love music and music fans so much. It makes me think of Neil Young and his song opposing commercial sponsorship of rock and roll: This Note’s For You.

I am going to print some of  (what I think are) the lyrics. This probably breaks so copyright law, so feel free to email me if you want them removed.

I am also including a link to the song, because that’s the type of person I am.

  • “We’ll puke in our hands and piss where we stand on Arthur’s Day.
  • We’ll reinforce the stereotype on Arthur’s Day.
  • That Paddy is a guttersnipe on Arthur’s Day.
  • A bestial dog, just up from the bog, no manners in his head.
  • ‘Cos drink is all that matters on Arthur’s Day.
  • We’ll raise a glass, fall on our ass, and never give a damn
  • Or have a bother, that we’re all just fodder for an advertising scam

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