Hope Show 36 – the lowdown on tonights show

1. God Is An Astronaut – Reverse World
2. Family PLanning – Sauce Famine
3. The Live Of Millionaires – Stepping Out
4. Saturday Captains – Lost Cargo
5. Sebadoh – Imminent Emergency
6. Mike Watt and J Mascis – What We Do IS Secret
7. Hoovers and sledghehammers – George Michaels Gentlemans Club
8. The Filaments – Western Double Standards
9. Broadcaster – Anything You Never Heard
10. Against Me – Turn those Clapping Hands in Angry Balled Fists
11. Hot Water Music – Wrong and righteous
12. Leatherface – wax lyrical
13. Flatliners – Gullible
14. Jacuzzi Boys – Dust
15. Goldblade – We’re All IN It Together
16. Bob Tilton – She sings but once

While I don’t necessarily admire bands just because they have released a lot of records when it is an Irish band that have a different album for each day of the week and they have done it independently then I am impressed. God Is An Astronaut are from Glen Of THe Downs in Wicklow and Origins is their new lp, Reverse World is a good indcation of the way it ebbs and flows

Family Planning are a three piece from Dublin and whilst its hard to do an internet search for them they have a new record out and Sauce Famine comes from that.

I’m starting out with an Irish Vibe tonight. I played the Lives Of Millionaires last week and have come back for more.

Saturday Captains have an album out for nearly a year now, featuring people from old stalwarts of the Dublin music scene that Luggage and Revelino. The album is a strong collection that you should try and hunt down.

“Sebadoh is an American indie rock band”. What a completely underwhelming way to describe such an iconic band in the American Underground buyt if you search on the internet for this band this is what is given to you. Don’t take it as gospel kids. They’ve a new album out and I for one am looking forward to hunting it down

Lou Barlow was also (or maybe still is) with J Mascis – oh yeah called Dinaosaur Jnr. There is a great Germs tribute album out with a collaboration between J and Mike Watt which I thought might fit in here

Hoovers And Sledgehammers are from Ireland, I came across them on thumped Interesting stuff, if a bit long at times – to think you could get 6 germs songs into this one track

Filaments have a great record out on Household Name called What’s Next. I love it’s searing horns and skanked up riffs. Western Double Standards is an apt song for what is going on IN Syria. The West view the Syrian regime as evil and is ready to go to war (to a limited extent). What about the companies that supplied the weapons

Anyway broadcaster are a cool band from Rhode Island in the states. They have some neat songs, Anything You Never heard being one

I first cam across Broadcaster from No Idea records which were the original home for Against Me. That first Against Me record is such a winner, have you heard it yet? Turn those Clapping Hands in Angry Balled Fists? Sure what else can you do?

Hot Water Music are synonomous with No Idea Records. They released this cool split cd with Leatherface so here’s a song from each band. Tell me you love Leatherface. Please.

I’ve sent away for the new Flatliners lp but it hasn’t arrived yet. In the meantime make do with Gullible from their Destroy to Create offering

One album I did get recently was Jacuzzi Boys, electric rock’n’roll they call it, I believe. It’s good though, give it a chance.

Goldblade I have played and spoken about a lot this year. When you’re compiling those best of lists in a couple of months don’t forget this record. We’re All IN It Together indeed.

I stared off the show with God is an astronaut and they made me think of Bob TIlton. Post rock at its inception for me, the UK had some great exponents of this style so I don’t want you to fogrget about Bob


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