Jacuzzi Boys
Hardly Arts

I work in Computers. That means people think I do nothing all day long while I while away my time figuring out how to prevent virus’s getting on to people’s pc’s, or how to accuraterly prevent the 90% of emails that are spam from getting through, or why PC’s crawl for people when they all try to watch their favourite You tube videos.

One interresting aspect of the job (surely it is an action packed 8 hours daily filled with excitment you say?) is the fact that most days something new crops up. No I don’t know why that obscure font is showing on your word document and prints out as gobbledegook. Today my first was seeing a band release their third album as a self-titled. Usually that is the area for ground breaking debuts, not so with Jacuzzi Boys. Although it may as well be their debut as they’re new to me.

So what do they sound like? How does electric rock’n’roll sound to you? 11 songs of varying tempos but all getting back to that electro sound with a catchy riff in there somewhere. There’s always something to sing along to. Does anyone remember Bongwater? There’s bits in here that brings me back to those records. It’s the slightly eccentric electronic almost psychadelic feel in parts. Most of the way through this you will spend nodding your head along,just like me in work when asked to do something. They get a riff, something catchy and easy to remember – build it up with some keyboards and guitar and catchy lyrics as an accompaniment. It’s all harmless but enjoyable nonetheless.

If you like your job this is akin to a normal day – average with nothing spectacular. If you hate your job this will add to your day so give it a chance.

Song By Song – the lazy way

Be My Prism – electric rock’n’roll
Black Gloves – catchy sing along
Double Vision – gentle electro riff
Dust – dreamy electra
Rubble – heavier electronic sing along
Over The Zoom – mid paced
Guillotine – slight bongwater sound
Heavy Horse – bit more rock based
Hotline – direct
Domino Moon – short and sweet
Ultraglide – Psychadelic


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