Personnel ep
dot dash records
available here


Shitty limits brought out an album of carefree punk rock a few years ago. Live they were great as they brought this two minute slabs to the stage. Sadly they were short lived but one of them has reappeared on personnel.

The attitude hasn’t changed. Brash. The sound is more a homage to any if four and wire than assaulting our ears with fast spurts. Quirky vocals snarled like a southern mark e smith on consumer electronics. That breaks into a more 77 post punk (was it post punk that early).

Modern drab has a swell maps type feel but with a bigger sound.
Hysteria, stop start that kind if reminds me of early the ex sound but sped up with a Snotty riff

It all wraps up with close quarters. 10 minutes and its all over. I wish there was more but I kind of like the fact that we get less. Close quarters has a riff building up with vocals sing over. Lofi it might be but who said music needs to complicated.


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