Young Attenborough

“Find your feet
Let the machine sleep
Seek out the beauty in the street”

Is how this album finishes but what words eh? I know it’s not always that easy but what if it was? Do we really new to spend our time slaving away for our next product to buy? We could be seeking out the beauty on our streets. Of course for me a lot if that beauty is in the punk rock community and involves using my resources to support it. But it’s not all about product and commodity. BUT if you are in a position to make some sort of purchase then take a stab at this

I got into music from listening to the records my big brothers returned home in a Saturday afternoon with. That music was the clash, the pistols, Ian dury and elvis costello. I have memories of the ruts and the skids albums coming in and overtaking showaddywaddy on the shelves. Then crass happened and it took a change. Suddenly the chants of anyone can form a band became evident real as band were recording and releasing their own records. These bands were playing their own gigs anywhere they could AND they were trying to change the world.

It was a virus that infected me. I couldn’t get enough and chased down all these independent releases. The partisans lined up alongside political asylum but at some stage i wanted a tune. In sure it was a gradual process but when equally intelligent bands like the redskins, new model army and the three johns were playing a different tune I took that road. C86 came along and the fuzzbox guitar was replaced by a more trebley jangly sound. This was equally infectious and inclusive.

And then I started paying more attention to us hardcore bands as their music became more accessible. Trips to probe reords in Liverpool were essential. As other Irish travellers were picking up toblerones in exchange for their sterling I was looking for big flame and minor threat. My biscuits were half man half gorilla as I mixed these styles.

When we were putting in gigs in Dublin there was a run of shows that featured slum turkeys post hardcore sound and then the manic stop start heading in all imaginable directions racket of Dawson followed by the pure pop of heavenly. In the preceding months Alice donut, circus lupus and lungfish played. All with their feet in different punk rock flavours.

Young Attenborough are a Bit like that. Plenty of different styles, the punk sound complemented by flashes Of wedding present or even thrilled skinny in there.
On this record you get 8 tracks mixing indie low fi and punk rock hardcore And you don’t even have to pay for it if you dont want to. Fantastic


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