We Got This

Fast and full on punk rock. Blistering and angry with dual vocals and angry lyrics. Is there a correlation between anger and not caring? Comrades want to confront, they want to curse and spit and defecate if they feel like it. Or so their lyrics say.

“This town I call my home
Home is where the hate begins
At the bottom of your clean soul
Lies a little bit of sin”

I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what they are getting at here. It’s snarled at you and it sounds like comrades are proud to sing and live in the gutter. New York is perfectly suited to be their home. They couldn’t do it in ireland. Paranoid visions are positively pleasant in comparison.

There’s 9 songs of such vitriol and it does start to wear a bit thin but then their power brings you back in however “don’t shop, shop lift” is one mantra for changing the world. The second half has the angry lyrics but with acoustic backing

Overall the empty anger is a bit disappointing but there’s something that makes me want to sing along when they say “I hope I get what I deserve” we all do really


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