Quicksand Irish tour 1991

Feb 24 1991 Quicksand Bolton St Feb 24 1991 Quicksand, Sloth Charlie's Feb 25 1991 Quicksand, Skin Horses, Afflicted Grattan   Christy Colcord in England was a contact for many American bands who wanted to tour Europe. She heard about what we were doing through a friend of hers in Belfast and rang to ask … Continue reading Quicksand Irish tour 1991

Comrades – We Got This

Comrades We Got This Fast and full on punk rock. Blistering and angry with dual vocals and angry lyrics. Is there a correlation between anger and not caring? Comrades want to confront, they want to curse and spit and defecate if they feel like it. Or so their lyrics say. "This town I call my … Continue reading Comrades – We Got This