This weeks show

The Dead Kennedys have been such a huge part of my life. Like so many other bands that fit into my invisible memoirs Jello’s troubadors have always been close to my heart.

I remember my brothers buying Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables, the vinyl kept getting played. We dissected the songs and wondered did they really want to ‘Kill The Poor”. Of course they didn’t and as my horizons broadened and the tunnel vision glasses of world politics were removed the Dead Kennedys played a part in assisting my global understanding. My globalisation was American hardcore in the form of the DK’s and Bad Brains and Minor Threat – Spanish history from the Ex, Central and South America from the Clash – british politics from Crass, the Redskins, three johns and new model army. Personal politics from Flux of Pink Indians and how to conduct business from labels like Alternative tentacles.

That is why a book like Michael Foleys review of Fresh Fruit is vital or Alex Ogg’s synopsis of the same record . They are talking about my education and expanding on it.

Of course Jello is still playing and is in Dublin this week. IN celebration of his gig this weeks radio show is a compilation of some of his bands. You could be have a lot of shows considering the amount of records Jello has been involved in but I wanted to take a selection for this week show. Enjoy

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