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Everlasting Yeah: ‘Anima Rising’

Sometimes these days new bands just pass me by. I don’t keep up to date, and maybe that suits me fine. But, almost by chance, (and what a fine thing chance is), I happened across new music from some of the fantastically creative people who were behind one of the greatest of rock bands, That Petrol Emotion. They are called Everlasting Yeah, and the name captures the music perfectly.

The album is called ‘Anima Rising’ and unlike the fomula of putting your ‘best song’ (read single or desperate attempt to get on the radio) first, the songs build and in my humble opinion just get better and better. The final two songs are my absolute favourite of the bunch.
The Grind is a song of union and communion for the jilted generation. It is a blistering piece of pop rocket craft that reminds me of Fugazi; that makes me think of the first time I unlocked the tiny (yet huge) intricate tiny dynamite of Sonic Youth or nights when Das Damen, Scream, Mudhoney, Arc Welder, My Bloody Valentine, the Pop Group or Stano filled my ears and mind and heart with wonder.

The Grind doesn’t so much punch the clock at over twelve minutes; it dismantles that clock, fills the rigid digits with neon electric static then twists its hands off, sends them spinning, and you have no choice but to enjoy being immersed in the swirling swimming joy.

This is rhythmic, pulsing, guitar-tension. Because this entry is about a favourite band, it seems appropriate that that title of one of favourite songs from That Petrol Emotion is the best description of what these songs sound like to me……this is pure pop with ADANDON. And that is important…because pop music should be about ADANDON it should be made with that same ADANDON….freed from commercial constraints, daring, bold and inspiring.

This is a great leap forward from The Petrols, and yet it has a foot (and why do I suspect that the foot is sporting a powder blue Converse All-Star, battered and worn and glorious?) in the brilliant sheen of their bright pop world.

What a fantastic piece of work.
What a thrill to listen to it.
What a joy to urge you to do the same.

There is something magnificent about listening to people from sunny climes making radiantly bright pop music. Something of the sunshine, open skies and freedom seems to infect the music. Think of the Beach Boys at their best, or Kyuss playing metal hymns to the scorching sands of the North American desert.
Yet there is even something even more wonderful about listening to people from rainy places who write music that seems to command the sun to visit.
This is not Joy Division…this is Bliss Multiplication

Michael Mary Murphy

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