Hope Show 108 – the lowdown

Hope Show 108
1. Hard left – Hard Left Rules OK
2. Victims Family – I’m being followed around by the CIA
3. Soulside – Punch The Geek
4. Epic Problem – Weak
5. Vanilla Pod – A47
6. Hard Skin – Make My Tea
7. The Pukes – BCos Ur Young
8. Rites of Spring – Drink Deep
9. Big Ray – Everyone Pick Up A GUitar
10. Bear Trade – Nice to be nice
11. Chumbawamba – Don’t try this at home
12. Paranoid Visions – Austerity Complex
13. Bluetip – Castanet
14. Sissy – Sail and Rail
15. Atilla the Stockbroker – Rappin Mole
16. Goldblade – Riot Riot
17. Shudder To Think – Red House
18. Mexican Pets – How to have more fun

Tonight’s show feature bands who have contributed to the latest Hope fanzine. The same question was asked of over 70 contributors, “What was your favorite gig?” and answers were as wide, varied and mixed up as you’d expect. It was all done in good spirits as the zine is a benefit for pikpa lesvos refugee centre.

Up first is Mike Schulman from Hard left whose band
is a million miles from what he chose, Jesus and Mary Chain in Washington.

Larry Boothroyd, from Victims Family and Guantanamo School of Medicine couldn’t make his mind up so he listed all the gigs he went to, well not all done but a good selection.

Bobby Sullivan is the singer from recently reformed Soulside. Oh how I wish I could be travelling to see them play in Prestatyn in April. Anyway Bobby remebers a Soulside journey to East Berlin in an era where Germany was split into two very different countries with a wall splitting Berlin in two. Who would have envisaged that happening, looking back at moments like that give me hope that things can always change, however it isn’t always for the better but still change is constant.

Mackie from Blitz and Epic Problem was one of many who chose the Clash who are up there with Fugazi for most memorable bands. Sounds about fair enough to me.

Steve Pod, from Vaniall Pod was one of many who couldn’t make their mind up as he compiled a short list.

Ben from Hardskin couldn’t see past the Clash too and Lorna from the Pukes had another list but to accompany her choices we got some great illustrations.

Brendan Canty was drummer in Fugazi and Rites of Spring amongst others. Brendan recalled a gig himself and Guy (from Fugazi and Rites of Spring amongst others) stumbled across in Canada, the mummies and thee headcoats.

Ed Shred was in the Stupids, Sink and Big Ray as and picked his first ever gig to play when he was in Bad Dress Sense.

Lloyd Chambers is in the amazing Bear Trade (don’t tell me you don’t know them, I order you to find out more). Lloyd remembers Latterman with great fondness. I saw them on that tour also and can’t argue with that choice.

Dunstan from Chumbawamba is putting together a movie of the band that went from diy anarcho scene to pop sensations. I’m looking forward to seeing it and his memories of Patti Smith made me wish I went to see her when she played Dublin last year.

PA from Paranoid Visions remembered Poison Girls first gig in Dublin. I remember my brother going and looking on in envy as he boarded the bus for Sean McDermott Street that night.

Jason Farrell played Dublin as part of Bluetip and Retisonic. His first band Bells Of have just released a record , Jason joined the band mid set.

Michelle Doyle is in Dublin feminist punk band Sissy, I know labels are awful but i’m trying to be descriptive here… Michelle remembers the raincoats. As we enter into a general election year will the subject matter of Sail and Rail get an airing this year and NO it’s not about special offer on travel prices.

Atilla the stockbroker has just released his excellent autobiography, Arguments Yard. Unlike footballers who are in their mid 20’s and still playing Atilla has a lifetime of experiences to share. Rappin Mole was released in the 80’s with Newtown Neurotics as they travelled the UK and beyond trying to drum up support for the Miners Strike.

John Robb and Rob Haynes from Goldblade both contributed different gigs, Rob went for Neil Young while Robb plumped for the Stranglers. Goldblade are taken a back seat to the Membranes which both play in more regularly these days but their live gigs are still joyful.

Most of the contributors to the zine are people whose paths have crossed with Hope Promotions / Hope Collective in some form, be it through organising gigs for them or assisting in some way but I
was amazed and delighted with the response of Bobby Sullivan and Craig Wedren from DC scene. Hope did put on a few bands form the Dischord label but never Soulside or Shudder To Think yet both people were very willing to help out. Craig spoke of his first gig and talking to the replacements.

Finally we have Mexican Pets, seminal Dublin band. Two members contributed, Jill picked the ex and Pat went for the Clash. What more can I say.

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