Tuff Enuff records, the DIY label putting out feminist-advocating/queer-identified punk entertainment. first came to my attention when I captured a middle ones live release. The middle ones brought me back to a carefree C86 world of clever lofi pop records.
Back then they were also know as riots not diets and featured strong artists regardless of gender

The latest release is by neurotic fiction, – 3 pop tunes with a folk feel at times but still likely to break into a fugazi riff.


Then there is pure pop punk of Grubs, like all the best bands they are a three piece with vocals racing against each other accompanying the breezy songs.  Their new album It must be grubs has just been released.

No ditching are a faster riot grrl sound from the North east of England. It’s carefree as they couldn’t care, is snotty pop be a genre? Their Face ache ep is a split release with Kingfisher Bluez records in Canada.

Martha may be the most well know band in the label. lol-fi pop with a diy punk attitude. They have members in many bands (including No ditching ) and have s few releases on the label.


Men oh pause remind me of tapes I used to send away for. International noise compilations that always seemed to feature minimalist home made punk involving some synthesiser sounds and changing speed and structure mid song. Wierdly catchy though.

Many of the releases (like the middle ones that introduced me to the label) are limited run and on some instances cassette only, but always available digitally, like garage diy punk act big joanie, who classify themselves as a black feminist punk band.

The ethical debating society lead off with “everything you believe is a lie” on future imperfect from their hens teeth tape. From London there’s hints of huffy bear in these rioters.

Alison’s birthday are self proclaimed queer witch punks from Brighton. There’s an eerie sound to the simplicity, lo-fi riffs and atmospheric voice.

Dog legs play short and snappy tunes, catchy as that ball that travels through the air at a manageable speed.

Ye nuns have taken 60s garage band the monks and produced an all women version. Covering the monks in their inimitable was and making them sound like a 21st century riot grrl garage band.

That’s the great thing about tuff Enuff it releases music by people who are marginalised and playing in bands. Music that has meaning but on some ways can be an example to others in those marginalised communities. It’s ok to be whatever you are, there’s others like you.

Start with these comps and take it from there.


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