August 1991

August 23 1992

Decadence Within, Herb Garden, The Collectors


Decadence Within and Herb Garden both returned to our shores. This time they played together as their dates clashed. Paying money out at the end of a gig was always pretty difficult, especially when there was very few people at the gig. Both bands had traveled over from England and received £45 for their troubles. Thankfully they had gigs in New Ross, Belfast, Larne and Cork to help boost their funds but getting £45 in the capital city was a bit embarrassing for all concerned. We always ensured that bands got some food. This usually entailed making some sandwiches and whoever was putting the band up would cook them something later. Derek was always offering to help with gigs and he lived near town. He allowed many bands to stay at his house and was always accommodating towards them. He and his housemates made the stay of many bands more comfortable; for that they should be thanked. They became the first people other than the bands not to pay in. It was our only way of saying thanks: £2 – £3 off getting into a gig!!!!!

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