August 1991

August 30 1992

Alice Donut, Gout, Brawl


And so it continued. Bands that had a good name attracted the crowds; unheard-of bands drew much smaller numbers. Few people were willing totake the risk, especially if the band were not American. Alice Donut was both heard of and American so they were bound to get a good crowd, which they did. They spent a couple of days in Ireland and got to play Cork. This was great as many American bands only came to play Dublin and Belfast.

They enjoyed themselves so much in Derek’s house that they didn’t want to leave Ireland. Gout asked to come up from Kilkenny to play sometime and this seemed like a good opportunity for them to make the journey. Gout was to become quite popular and indeed came up to live in Dublin. For this gig though they got a lift up from a parent after school and went straight home after. Murt’s band Brawl were the other band on the night. Brawl were really active in their area, putting on gigs and eventually releasing their own album so it was great to give them the opportunity to play to a decent crowd in Dublin. There seems to be a better mentality from people in bands outside Dublin. Brawl were typical of this. They didn’t wait for others to do things for them: they just got out and did it themselves.

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