Oct 9 1992

Revenge Of The Carrots, Donkey


The first time I met Ajay he was throwing pieces of paper up in the air in perfect time to Membranes songs, no mean feat I can tell you. He travelled everywhere with the Membranes, going to as many of their gigs as possible, until they were looking for a bass player and needed to search no further than their audience.

After leaving the Membranes he left his hometown of Manchester for Amsterdam, where he swapped Man Utd for Ajax and joined Donkey. He wanted Donkey to come to Ireland with Revenge Of the Carrots and we arranged it. This gig was another one of those moments when I questioned the purpose of ‘Hope’. Here were 2 excellent bands trying to do something a little bit different while remaining interesting and being ignored by Dublin audiences. I felt so bad for the people in both bands. They didn’t care but after travelling from Holland I felt it would have been nice to play to more than 30 people. Although I always said not to expect anything from people, deep down I wanted them everyone to like DONKEY.

This was the 26th Dublin gig of 1992 that Hope had put on. The 26th time that year that we had asked people to pay into a gig and people were being choosy. They obviously felt that their £3 could be better spent elsewhere.

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