Bear Trade
Silent unspeakable
Dead broke records

“Please raise a glass and speak well of me when I’m gone ” sings Greg robson on the opening track to bear trades third album. Well I’m not going to wait and I will continue to speak well of Greg and his band as long as those lungs keep belting out these belters. There’s a nostalgic feel to all that bear trade do, bar the music which is very current. The artwork harks back to simpler days and the lyrics tell tales of friends but always with a feeling that somehow things could be better.

This is not a political album about the establishment. Bear Trade are not that sort of band. They do wear their hearts on their sleeves and you just know if they were your friends they’d have your back. Silent unspeakable is not only 12 great singalong guitar songs but Greg singing about the reality of a world that has humans and a home life that isn’t perfect. Cuts are opened and examined and beneath it all the songs are about the beauty of friendship and how important people are to each other.

I know none of bear Trade but the beauty of music makes me feel like they are in my community and we all look out for each other. Along the way they are providing part of the soundtrack and it’s such a good one it would be a real shame if you missed out.


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