Within the seat of war

Dublin Dockland and the sinking of the ss hare and ss Adela 1917
Published by the Adela-hare centenary commemoration committee
The East Wall History Group run a lot of interesting events. Peoples stories are told of a time when the streets were black and white and people went from short trousers into work. They have done a lot of good work with Dublin dickers highlighting the area that was a hub to Dublin and its citizens.
They aren’t the only are with a history group and have teamed up with people from adjoining areas on the other side of the River Liffey to produce this booklet. It tells the stories of 2 ships that were torpedoed during the First World War. These ships both set sail from Dublin port to the uk. The ss hare was famous to many Dublin people as the both that brought rations to the people involved in the great lockout of 1913.
What makes this a stand out publication is not only the commemorations to the people who died but mention of the German commanders whose uboats sunk the ships.
It’s an awful tale of war, a reminder of a time when death came across so many people throughout Europe and beyond in the first half of the last century. Of course killing still persists just moving to different  continents

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