Jimi Cullen

A call to arms from Wexford troubadour Jimi Cullen. I’m always happy when people put words that mean something to music. And Jimi is happy to let his feeling be know. His is the sound of the risen people as they prepare for battle.
I can across Jimi last year when we were putting the We Shall overcome event together in October. At great cost to him Jimi was only to happy to add his voice to support the occasion. He wanted to travel over 100 miles to sing three songs. These songs all made sense to the crowd as we were all pretty much at one wondering about war, austerity and what can be done next
Jimi is calling for a revolution and while the 9 songs may have all been written on an acoustic guitar they have undergone a band transformation here. It is middle of the road rock but the message and sincerity ring through at every chord.

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