Rogue spore
Escape from asafoetida
Rogue spore
For those familiar with the artwork of boz mugabe this is an album to complement his work. Challenging yet intriguing.  It is 9 tracks of atmospheric, repetitive (drone like), haunting electronic based sounds, here they are in their rawest descriptors
Quest for the violet spectre chili has pinky and perky talking over harreoeing sound effects
Broken prefecture II has a faster beat. If you can imagine a hamster wheel hooked up to a synth then this could be the result. A gremlins soundtrack (cool song)
Brackish depths is a journey through short wave radio without quite finding a channel to stay on
Spirit vinegar repeats similar territory to broken prefecture with less of a beat. Picture the church organ malfunctioning while Satan talks backwards.
Return to asafoetida goes on a haunting trajectory right throughout. Drums beating like bells on a foggy night as the hound of the Baskerville gets ready to pounce
Rituals of spring blasphemy brings frequencies on loop that are trying to say something. Like a demon trying to break free and exclaim to the world that everyone else is wrong. It makes for an uncomfortable 400 seconds
Pozor! Almost breaks into song. Bell like sounds over a drum beat you can imagine itchy and scratchy mutilating each other to this
Cholpon-ata brings the noise to the altar as you can almost feel the twiddling of soundscapes reflecting something that might happen inexplicably on a altar
And then it concludes with margarine dream. Some notes and a move to a song. Overall it’s an album of confusion, hard to take in one sitting and certainly not the background music for a dinner party. If music is a language rogue spore is a bastardized version of this dialect. Outsiders looking in, kicking against the pricks. Trying to provoke and challenge.

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