First base
Not that bad
Drunken sailor

This is A perfect example of giving everything a Second chance. I don’t remember what I was doing the first time I put this on the turntable, probably searching for a book or through a dictionary for some other review

I don’t remember where I was the first time I heard primal scream either. No idea where I was when the Mr t experience came into my life. Maybe I was at home when The Beach Boys came on to my raider. It doesn’t matter now. I listen to all three bands. First base are a collection of these. As pop came before punk in the history of music I might call it pop punk. That won’t be enough to make you wanna listen to them.

It’s the sound of California coming from Ontario. With throwaway lyrics and pop tunes jangling a plenty I should have paid more attention on first listen. I sure am now.


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