Punk rock entrepreneur
Running a business without losing your values
Caroline Moore

Business and punk rock are strange bedfellows. They are not and really can’t be anathema to each other but the do it yourself philosophy of punk rock and the will of so many of its participants to break down a capitalist system makes it difficult to mix the two.

If your sole purpose of existence is to make money regardless of your activity then punk rock is probably not for you. Some people like doing things and some other people like buying what they’ve done. That’s where punk rock business can flourish. Caroline starts this book with the age old psychology push “if your initial though is I can’t do that then always follow up with but what if I could”. Ultimately maybe you can’t but sometimes, maybe sometimes…..

Business and life can be similar. For punks networking is not an event linked to 2 computers. It’s helping each other out. DIY becomes doing it with and for each other. That can help if you have a business but ultimately it’s about helping each other. It’s also the idea that you support those you support. If there’s a business you like then help it, if you don’t then don’t. Simple really

Throughout the book I am discomforted in the underlying ethos that is capital which people require. In my ideal world we all work for each other and money is the thing that least defines us. In the real world of accommodation and food and warmth this doesn’t quite fit. So deep down this is a book about making your business work. It says we all remain through to ourselves whilst doing it and there the businesses I like

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