Me and my mate Jeffrey
Niall Breslin
Hachette books

So anyone that has the following lines in their book is going to get my support “It is frustrating to the core when politics and economics are prioritized ahead of human development. So often in a capitalist society economics comes first, humanity comes second”. Better still when these lines are coming from a celebrity or at least someone moving in those circles. Niall Breslin’s proximity to stardom isn’t necessarily as close as those we see on our tv screens with great regularity but he’s on it enough to have an autobiography to himself. And if he uses it for positivity that must be good eh?

This is a cross between bressies story and a self help book. It is refreshing in that it is trying to speak to people on a certain level. It attempts to remove any residual stigma that may still be knocking about around mental health. I found his words when asking people not to judge others to be very poignant. Don’t surround yourself with toxicity, aim for the light. An excellent read with some good tips.


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