Proven strategies for success in sport, life and mental health
Brent Pope and Jason Brennan
Hachette Books 
And so it’s said, think positive and positive results will happen. If that glass is half full it will serve you better then bring half empty. Mindfulness and visualization are the current terms for it. We used to say be in the now but careers can be made using nicer terms.
And rightly so. This book caught my eye as manager of a sports team. Is there something that I could glean from it that would give my players an extra percentage in a tight game. Margins of error can be changed and it might give a chance of success.
It’s not just aimed at sports as this thinking can be aimed at anything you face. You’ve got a job interview coming up? Well play it out in your mind, go through the possible questions, prepare well and you will walk in confident. You’ve a meeting for a loan, do your homework have your figures ready and you can be sure your chance of success will improve. I do it all the time, cycling along I play situations out in my mind. Conversations that may be about to happen get played out, difficult situations get imagined. It does help deal with them when the reality kicks in.
Of Course it’s obvious but we do ignore the effect the mind can have. It is a part of the body that needs training, just like aerobic exercise. Pope and Brennan tell us here and give techniques in very plain and simple language.
They use a lot of acronyms that help you also by the way. The 4 Ds, Drive, direction, determination and discipline. All obvious enough but invaluable if you  take time out and remember.  Or the ABcD of success “Always Be Continually Developing”
If you are looking to improve in anything in life it would do you good to get this from your local library.

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