Buddyfest is an annual celebration of punk rock and alternative noise being brought to the Dublin public by the excellent people behind Buddycore. Some amount of work has gone into assembling a line up across two days in Drop Deat Twice. It is a celebration of the underground in Dublin and to celebrate its existence we are offerring up our usual Thursday tunes slot for the week this week. Each day is a celebration of a band playing this wonderful event.

Stop! Stop! Start Again are coming down from Belfast to play on Saturday and have picked a song for each band member

William (Guitar): David Bowie – Teenage Wildlife

Paul (Vocal and lead guitar): Suede – Animal Nitrate

Georgie (drums): Right Said Fred – You’re My Mate

Fletch (bass): Sparks – No1 Song in Heaven

SSSA: leslie Gore – Its my party i’ll cry (off) if i want to

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