Back in a time when post punk was about to be unleashed as a genre Mark Stewart founded the Pop Group. A band that took the barbed wire of punk rock and mixed some funk and dub but always with resistance and rebellion in the message.

After the Pop Group Mark immersed himself more in the dub world and he, along with his mafia, brought out an album Learning to cope with Cowardice. Earlier this year the record was reissued. For Mark though its not just about music and sales of the double LP edition benefit Mercy Ships, an organization that provides lifesaving surgeries to people in poor and war-torn countries around the world.

This week I came across a post from Mike Watt of the Minutemen ”
I got to work bass on mark stewart’s take on grant hart’s “all of my senses” I know d boon would be trippin on something like this happenin… this is the fuckin pop group singer! crimony” This track will be released later this year but in the meantme here’s
Liberty City from that record

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