I wouldn’t even have to listen to this record to know I’m going to like it. Any band that can be compared to RVIVR, Jawbreaker, Hot Water Music, Dillinger Four and Superchunk in the one breath have to be worth listening to. This record has been out over a year and was written by a band in grief. It was put together soon after the guitarist Rob McAllister passed away and the line “You Can’t Stay Safe” says it all about this world. “You can’t fake a memory” is all the more poignant when we look back and remember fondly any of our loved ones who have gone.

I listened to this record so many times after my Father’s Death, it’s taken a year for me to share it with you but I did “Say a prayer with a melody”. I’ve sat in the dark, listening and crying and being glad of the existence of bands like iron chic.

You Can’t Stay Safe
You can forgive your enemies
Be strong for the ones you love
Have grace and humility
It’s just easier to give up

You can’t stay safe
And you can’t stay here

You can start losing everything
Be scared of what’s to come
Say a prayer with a melody
Just breathing is hard enough

You can’t stay safe
And you can’t stay here

You can’t fake a memory
Be careful with what you love
Have faith in humanity
It’s easier said than done

You can’t stay safe
You can’t stay here

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