Down and Outs
Double Negative
YoYo records

Nice bit of passionate sing along punk rock here. 13 songs that bring you through modern England. The lyric sheets comes complete with chord details if you want to play along. Modern England is, like many democracies, going through some kind of crisis. The country has been divided not by austerity but post austerity. The hardship people went through is not being blamed on the state but on European institutions or migrants driven from their homeland by war and insecurity. It has caused massive division and shows no sign of dissipation.

Down and outs are screaming through it all with a passionate plea “Went to sleep in Great Britain and woke up in Little England” wondering what will come if it all. It’s not all despair with politics as they sing about broken relationships and even loss of loved ones through whatever means. All done in a sing along style where you know these songs all mean something to this three piece.

Get the chords, take out your guitar and join in the sing along down and outs punk rock

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