What a week it promises to be. Australian Art noise punks Tropical FuckStorm take to Whelans stage on Monday, Sheer Mag mix a 70s rock sound with a punk ethos and are in the Grand Social on Tuesday while DC post punkers Priests are in the same venue on Wednesday. Also on Wednesday Primal noise rockers Imperial Wax are in Soundhouse, and uk based Irish band when young have their breezy pop punk tunes in the button factory the following night. Also that night Dublin scenesters Glimmerman are launching their new album, Here I Stand in Bello Bar in Thursday and Tower records on Saturday at 1. The record is out on Greyslate Records which many will know as the label that put out the first flexihead 7”

If you can only get to one gig make sure it’s the hope for homeless benefit in the underground on Saturday. Alive in a Dublin are putting on a lot of great punk nights lately and this will be a cracker and all for a good cause too. Lee Harvey’s, Trouble Pilgrims and Dubtones make a great lune up for the evening. Unfortunately there’s a clash with jogging in the Bello bar that night but I will be in the underground showing solidarity with the punks. Finally Sunday sees hip hop outfit Oshun in the Grand Social finishing off a very promising week all round.

This weeks Dublin Gigs

Davy Lyons – Workmans Club, Nov 4
FRIENDLY FIRES – Academy, Nov 4
James Barker Band – Whelans, Nov 5
Sheer Mag – Grand Social, Nov 5
JIGJAM – Whelans, Nov 6
Clare Sands – Workmans Club, Nov 6
PRIESTS – Grand Social, Nov 6
IMPERIAL WAX – Sound House, Nov 6
Palace – Button Factory, Nov 6
FRANK BURKITT & VYVIENNE LONG – Whelans Upstairs, Nov 6
PALACE – Button Factory, Nov 6
Ola Nathair, Eros Catheter, Morbific Noxae, Icebear – Anseo, Nov 7
When Young – Button Factory, Nov 7
ALICE JEMIMA – Whelans Upstairs, Nov 7
Glimmerman, The Middle Ages, Panik Attak – Bello Bar, Nov 7
CAUTIOUS CLAY – Sound House, Nov 8
LOVELYTHEBAND – Academy Green Room, Nov 8
The Midnight – Button Factory, Nov 8
One True Pairing – Grand Social, Nov 8
ISAAC BUTLER – Whelans Upstairs, Nov 8
THE MIDNIGHT – Button Factory, Nov 8
Picking Out Island – Workmans Club, Nov 8
FEET – Sound House, Nov 9
FERN BRADY – Sugar Club, Nov 9
Glimmerman album launch – Tower Records, Nov 9, 1pm
Jogging, Grave Goods, Angular Hank – Bello Bar, Nov 9
AA Bondy – Workmans Club, Nov 9
HARRISON STORM – Grand Social, Nov 9
Hope For Homeless – Trouble Pilgrims, Dubtones, Lee Harveys – Underground, Nov 9
MAT KEARNEY – Whelans, Nov 10
Cherry M – Whelans Upstairs, Nov 10
Hang Massive – Button Factory, Nov 10
Piersi – Workmans Club, Nov 10
Oshun – Grand Social, Nov 10

Full list of upcoming gigs here

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