Playing dublin this week are uk post punk band Imperial Wax. My interest in the band is two fold. Featuring three former members of the fall and this new single out on Louder than war records there is a pedigree there before I even hear a note. Their album Gastwerk Saboteurs was release earlier this year and it is a mix of garage, post punk, rock tunes. Sure why not let the vocalist Sam Curran explain

Bromidic Thrills is a pure release of frustration that was written very quickly and initially void of being attached to any sort of tune or song, just a pure vent about a multitude of negative factors. Mainly myself, my choices, where I live, what I want to do with my life and who I want to do it with. Contradictory desires locking horns. Feeling anchored. Peering over the walls I’ve built around myself and the walls that living in a small town built for me. Thwarting my own future with complacency and slipping into a casual state of mind.”

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