the best is yet to come
Alan O’Mara
Hachette books

This is not just a book about someone suffering from depression. In reality that term, whilst perfectly reflecting the hopelessness of having depression, makes it harder for people to admit to being afflicted with a mental illness.

The existence of books like this from people like oMara or Niall Breslin or Brett let’s people know it’s ok not to be ok. Whatever ok should mean.

So often we see people in a media spotlight, On stage, or on a sporting field and don’t relate To them as humans just like you and i. We can forget that their feelings and vulnerabilities can be just the same as the worker seeking that extra shift. Some may not have the burden of finance but health problems can seep through money as the provider of illness cares little for fame.

Of course some then have opportunities to confront their issues in ways other don’t. They have access to private health care others are waiting years for, but the vulnerability is still there. And needs to be faced up to

In many ways this is a similar read to Bressies book. It’s something that takes over your mind that is so hard to control. Bressie gave it a name and vowed to beat it. Alan recognizes it as a demon and tries to overpower it. Both had suicidal thoughts and both sportsmen got drawn into Cycle Against Suicide and outing their depression in an attempt to try and help others. People are not alone.

Whilst the best is yet to come may not be the best of story telling it is a story well worth telling and reading. You may or may not be the one in four dealing with an issue around mental health but for sure you will know someone

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